Industrial Metal Detectors

Our advanced industrial metal detectors | An excellent choice

The high-quality metal detectors have long been a solid choice for the protection of production machines and equipment. EAB metal detectors safely and reliably detect metallic foreign objects and thus prevent damage and impurities.

Our products are installed worldwide in medium-sized companies as well as large corporations and have been providing reliable coupled with trouble-free operation for a long time. The devices are prepared for a wide range of applications and can detect contaminants in the immediate vicinity of magnetite and prompt the responsible worker to remove them.

In addition to the high quality of the product, the metal detectors are also characterized by their price and longevity.

Proven production quality |
Our company history

The Elektroanlagenbau Reinhausen was founded in 1978 by the cooperation of Gerhard Cassel and Jürgen Zimmermann and has always stood for high quality and functional metal detectors. Over the last 40 years, the company has built up a substantial product portfolio, which includes to this day manufacturing of reliable equipment and support for many industries.

In May 2018, the managing electrical engineer Viktor Gerber took over the company, which was then renamed to EAB Reinhausen GmbH and continues to be owner-managed.