1. Basic information

The metal detectors of the type series PSQ / RA (with frame probe) and PSQ / RO (lower belt probe) detect all types of metal, including aluminum, VA steel, copper and soft iron. The devices are characterized by an almost uniform sensitivity within the material layer. The size of the metal parts is medium to large. (from steel nut M40)

The use of these metal detectors enables costs to be reduced through improved protection of sensitive devices and machines.

  1. Function

An alternating electromagnetic field penetrates the conveyor belt and the conveyed material. If a metal part gets into this field, distortions are formed which lead to tripping. An amplifier registers this change and only allows the compensation relay to respond for 0.5 seconds. The relay is then ready for further metal messages. The metal part size is continuously adjustable.

  1. Construction

The metal detector consists of a probe and a control unit. Both components are connected to one another by a coaxial cable. The control unit contains the electronic assemblies and operating elements. These are clearly arranged on the front panel and are accessible after opening the cabinet door. The housing is prepared for wall mounting. The frame probe is available in various designs. The frame probe is divisible, there is no need to cut the belt. The assembly on the conveyor belt construction is very easy and done in a short time. Highly resistant materials such as polyamide, PE and V2A ensure reliability and durability.

  1. At a glance
  • Solid and vibration-resistant design
  • Resistant materials for probe
  • Integrated display for function control
  • Separable probe, no need to cut the belt
  • Simple and time-saving assembly on the conveyor belt construction
  • Reliable even with respect to frequency converters and commercial radio
  • Uniform response sensitivity in the measuring field


Industrial Metal Detectors PSQ/RA


Industrial Metal Detectors PSQ/RA